Who Is Currently the CEO of Coca-Cola?

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Who Is the Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola?

James Quincey is Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. Quincey, who first joined the company in 1996, has held a number of leadership roles around the world. He became CEO in 2017 and Chairman of the Board in 2019.

Before becoming CEO, Quincey served as President and Chief Operating Officer of the company from 2015 to 2017.

Who Is James Quincey?

James Robert B. Quincey was born on 8 January 1965 in London, England, and lived in Hanover, New Hampshire, US for three years when his father was a lecturer in biochemistry at Dartmouth College.

By age five, they had moved to Birmingham, England. He attended independent King Edward’s School, Birmingham and has a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from the University of Liverpool. He is fluent in Spanish.

Mr Quincey is married to Jacqui Quincey and has two children.

When Did James Quincey Join the Coca-Cola Company?

After working with Bain & Co and a smaller consultancy, he joined Coca-Cola in 1996. With Coke, he has lived in Latin America and worked for Coke in Mexico, where he led the acquisition of Jugos del Valle. He was president of the Northwest Europe & Nordics Business Unit from 2008 until 2012.

In 2013, he became president of Coca-Cola’s Europe Group. In Europe, he oversaw Coca-Cola’s acquisition of Innocent Drinks and the sale and consolidation of Coca-Cola’s bottling operations in Europe. When he was working with Coke early on, Bloomberg says he was instrumental in getting the company to sell smaller portions.

He was named CEO in December 2016. He became CEO the following May when Muhtar Kent retired (Muhtar Kent was the former chairman and chief executive officer of The Coca-Cola Company).

What’s James Quincey’s Salary?

Quincey’s salary is as follows, simply convert it to any currency you want.

  • Annual: ₦ 10,899,148,677.00
  • Monthly: ₦ 908,262,389.75
  • Weekly: ₦ 209,599,013.02
  • Daily: ₦ 41,919,802.60

What is James Quincey’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of James Quincey is at least $47.5 Million dollars as of 28 July 2022.

Mr Quincey owns over 32,000 units of Coca-Cola Co stock worth over $20,734,896 and over the last 10 years, he sold KO stock worth over $8,043,680.

Source: The Coca-Cola Company, Wikipedia, My Wage NG.


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